My Visit to Copenhagen Wedding Fair 2019

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For the last three years, every January I got ready for the highlight of the wedding industry in Denmark, namely the wedding fair organized by

The ad for Copenhagen wedding fair 2019
Bryllupsmesse 2019 Ad. Photo from

The first year I went as an employee of another wedding company from Copenhagen, the second year I went as a noob in the industry, having opened my own company that autumn. In this third year I went casually, meeting fellow colleagues and making new friends.

A panorama picture showing the booths at copenhagen wedding fair 2019
Panorama from Copenhagen Wedding Fair 2019. Photo from Gelu Timoficiuc.

The first thing that I noticed was the crowd, a smaller number of attendees and vendors. It seemed quieter than in the past. I found the same vendors positioned almost in the same places as in the previous years and therefore it is possible that because of this, the space seemed familiar and smaller. I certainly hope that the Danish wedding world isn’t shrinking.

Another thing that I was aware of and maybe a bit saddened by was exactly what I mentioned before: same vendors. While I loved saying hi to the ones I knew already and applaud their achievements, I eagerly wanted to see new faces in the industry, innovation and diversity, more options. Truth be told this has more to do with the state of the wedding industry in Denmark rather than the fair itself.

A beautiful table arrangement with flowers
Table Setting with Flowers. Photo from A Table Story.

If you are a bit introduced to the wedding market in Denmark there is a third thing that you can’t help but notice. The fair was mainly built around the bigger names in the industry: mainly bridal houses and jewelry stores. Quite literally too. The bigger the name, the bigger the booth, and that is understandable from a marketing point of view but from a creative entrepreneur vantage point, it is a bit underwhelming. There was no space for the little companies, for the creative souls in the market. And I know they are out there, in their little studios because I am admiringly following them from the comfort of my Instagram profile. While I am happy to see their work online, I would have loved to be able to interact with them as a fair allows one to do. I would have appreciated seeing them represented.

Flowers near beautiful plates on a white table
Beautiful Table Arrangement. Photo from A Table Story.

Ohh and one more thing: where was the little chocolate that came in the goodie bag at the entrance? That is usually something I am looking forward to when I am back home, relaxing and browsing the magazine.

There were a few vendors that stood out this year. Both Whispering Vintage and A Table Story had just gorgeous displays of wedding creativity and talent. You can see them highlighted in my Vendor Spotlight section on the frontpage.

I loved to see Celina Christensen and touch their laceworks. So gorgeous! I enjoyed their modern and bohemian vibes on the catwalk, and I fell head over their heels. I always complain about the lack of stylish wedding shoes, but that booth made my whiny heart sing.

A simple white bridal dress
Gorgeous Simple White Dress. Photo from Celina Christensen.
A pair of shiny beautiful bridal shoes
Beautiful Bridal Shoes. Photo from Celina Christensen.

One sweet addition to this year’s fair was The Rolling Joy. I went by their stand to say hi to the girls in person, and it was such a pleasure to meet them. They are service-minded and really open and chatty. The photobooth they have installed in the hippie van was, to say the least, whimsy and fun. Stay tuned. Some awesome collaborations are in sight.

Newlyweds in a vintage VW Van
Newlyweds and Rolling Joy. Photo from @_alafolie. Setting from The Rolling Joy.

I am always in search of alternative wedding venues that show personality or that are memorable through their frame. This year I found a quaint little place at the fair, among all the fancy, 5-star hotels representing Hornbækhus. I found the venue lovely and absolutely hyggelig. It is a 36-rooms boutique hotel, with vintage, bohemian details that made me so ready to go and visit.

The cozy common area in Hotel Hornbækhus
Hotel Hornbækhus. Photo from Hotel Hornbækhus.

I really appreciated the booklet from Ink Saloon together with the little calendar that they give away every year. It has useful tips and tricks and just good information in regards to stationeries together with some inspiration. I am quite sure all the overwhelmed newly engaged couples were able to appreciate the booklet even more since, well… they need it.

A collection of beautiful paper prints from Ink Saloon
Ink Saloon Sample Stationery. Photo from Ink Saloon.

Another wedding supplier that I had the pleasure of chatting and hopefully working with later on was Miss Liss Blomster. I stopped because of their super cute flower adorned bicycle. I felt that is the epitome of Copenhagen and I had to stop and see who they are. I wanted to take a picture with their sweet bohemian flower crowns, but there was a long queue, so I just admired the craftsmanship of Miss Liss and went to find me some chocolate bonbons on the way out.

A bouquet in the basket of a classic bicycle
Flowers in Bicycle Basket. Photo from Miss Liss.
Vintage wedding decor
Vintage wedding decor. Photo from Miss Liss.

I enjoyed the fair quite a bit as you can read but what I really enjoyed this year was this year’s “Bruden” magazine from It was a delight at every page, and I knew it would be a good experience as soon as I saw “Boho Romance” on the cover. Not only because I am slightly obsessed with everything Boho but because I was sure that the magazine would represent the wedding trends of the season very well. It did not disappoint. Boho dresses from all my favorite bridal houses, the amazing editorials created by talented Danish vendors, and of course the sweet real weddings featured, made this edition my favorite so far.

A page from the Bruden Magazine 2019
Bruden Magazine. Photo from

So with all this said, “tak for sidst” and ‘till the next year! Oh and to those planning their wedding for this upcoming season: happy wedding planning, you’ve got this!