New Journey

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Woman at desk browsing through magazine
Alexa here - the face behind the screen. Photo from Rochelle Coote Photography.

Today marks precisely a year since I took the first step in following my dream and starting a business. A whole lot of things happened during this year, some unexpected changes and a great deal of learning. I grew quite a bit in these last twelve months in areas I didn’t think I would (business, law, and all the non-creative sides of owning and developing a creative business), some of my skills improved and I even acquired new ones.

I met some extraordinary people, and I developed some amazing relationships. Meanwhile, I got to know the wedding industry from a different point of viewing, and since I like it so much where I am at now and what I envision for Wedding Season, I think I will stay here and focus on one side of the company instead of the two that I started with.

A business card laying on a desk
My beloved burgundy business cards. Photo from Rochelle Coote Photography.

Let me unwrap this: last year in October I had a very broad view, and I wanted to do much more than my time, or my social circumstances would allow. I have learned through this year to say no when I have to. Instead I learned I must focus on one thing only in order to provide more for the wedding industry at large. So what this means is that while I started with the mission of being a wedding planning agency with all that it requires and to build a community where vendors and wedding couples meet, where there is a constant flow of inspiration and wonderful content; I realized that I could not do both at this time in my life.

Rise and Shine office poster on a windowsill
Wedding season's motivational quote. Photo from Rochelle Coote Photography.

Therefore I will slowly gear up for building this great community I have in my mind for quite a while, and as a result, I will be found more in the online realm than offline one, in meetings, or site inspections.

Also, a few changes will take place. One is that the website will have another look and will serve as a platform for vendors: I will share my recommendations and present them via the blog to the future brides. Another is that the blog will be more active, filled with featured weddings from all over the place to inspire you and with posts written by me and by other wedding suppliers that will help you in planning your wedding successfully.

For the same purpose - inspire brides and wedding vendors alike, I will work on creating syled shots and showcase what the Scandinavian wedding industry has to offer. My goal is to have at least four styled shoots per year, one for every amazing season.

Lastly, if time allows it, I will work on tutorials for all those lovely and eager DIY brides because I feel there’s a need and I would love to help, despite my awkwardness and shaky voice in front of the camera.

I hope that most of you will stay and follow my work and even help to cater to your needs: you will be able to do so because I will create a Facebook group where you can always find me, get in contact and ask your questions.

Girl peering in front of the camera sitting down
I will be here - Wedding Season's HQ. Photo from Rochelle Coote Photography.

I look forward to what this year has in store in regards to my new business goals and ambitions.

Until the next time,