The Proverbial End of the Year Post

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Long decorated table with many light bulbs
Fairy lights wedding reception. Photo from Studio Impressions.

I have a little thing I love doing once in a while and especially during this hectic time at the end of the year. I schedule a year’s review. Literally, I sit down on my comfy couch, and I put on display all the photos we took that year, in a random order, all the pretty ones, the staged, curated ones and all the goofy, silly ones. So the year is played in front of my eyes, and it reminds me of how wonderful it was. Every year was wonderful, but I think this one was quite special.

But to be honest, my favorite so far was 2015, the year when we got engaged and married at a distance of 4 short months. That year holds the vastest array of emotions. Being a fiancee and then a newly married lady were the best statuses in my life.

But this year my professional life took the stage, and I must admit it was thrilling and filled with emotions at every corner, sometimes the good kind and sometimes the one that makes you sob and cry, nevertheless wonderful.

This year started with me being a boss-lady, a thing I always dreamed of but still paralyzed me with fear. But that’s okay, I have heard that if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. Oh, and how this one still scares me… I had ups and downs and also a change of heart in regards to the path I will be walking on from now on. I am still on the point of addressing my course, so we work hard on the website to better communicate my passion and vision within the wedding industry, and I am focusing a lot of time and energy on learning new skills in order to better serve the wedding industry.

Bride holding a winter wedding bouquet
Winter wedding bouquet. Photo from Amy Breeze. Bouquet by Fairley's Bespoke Floristry.

It has been a fun ride, as my photo slide is showing me and I am so blessed with people that supported me and invested in me throughout this year, my hubs especially. He is behind every little tech detail of Wedding Season, behind every decision I made, and every discouraged Monday morning that he transformed in a motivational speech routine. He made me coffee, prayed with me and taught me so much of what I know now tech and business wise. He is my very loved pebble on which Wedding Season stands.

Also, many other people were beside me, with words of encouragement and a nudge to move further at times. During this holiday season, I can’t help but be grateful for all the many footsteps I have seen alongside mine this past year.

Bride and groom playing in the snow
Bride and groom playing in the snow. Photo from Maggie Grace Photography.

Next time I will come and tell you about my adventures of last month when I planned my first wedding styled-shoot, about how much I enjoyed it and … ehm how many mistakes I made and learned from.