Thys and Laneze's South African outback wedding

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Newlyweds holding hands walking in bushveld woods
Thys and Laneze in bushveld woods. Photo by Who's Annah

Today I am happy to kick-start a new feature of this blog, that I hope you will find helpful and fun: real weddings features.

I am an avid reader of love stories, and so I read quite a few blog posts that feature real weddings, daily. That's where I get my inspiration from. And that's how I keep updated with the industry trends. I believe that brides are a creative form in themselves, they are able to come up with such magnificent ideas to underline their couples' uniqueness and dynamic. I have read about wedding table runners made out of book pages due to the huge passion of the bride for reading. I have seen tartan napkins to bring about the Scottish heritage of the groom, and the list can continue and it will. Here. I will give way to brides and other creatives, wedding planners and vendors to inspire you and stir the creative bone in all of us.

The story

Newlyweds holding eachother and laughing
Thys and Laneze laughing. Photo by Who's Annah

Today I have Thys and Laneze's love story and planning adventure to share with you, and I am quite sure you will love it as much as I do.

Their story started with a message on a paper when they were in the same class in the fourth grade, a note in which with a funny rhyme Thys asked Laneze to be his girlfriend. On it, Laneze crossed the box for "Yes" and so she became his first girlfriend. They reconnected many years later through a stunning photo of Lanze on Facebook, and what I hear quite a cheeky phone call from Thys at which point they started dating. This love story lived on 2 continents. Thys was living at that time In Denmark and Laneze in South Africa. The story was made complete on a beautiful day in October 2016.

Wedding ceremony under marula tree in South Africa
Thys and Laneze's wedding ceremony. Photo by Who's Annah

Their wedding day was actually a weekend-long bash with the closest friends and their families in South Africa. Part of the festivities was a barbeque (as I have heard to grill is an active part of the South African identity), a trip in the bushveld and a breakfast in a cave. The main idea behind the day was to have a laid-back celebration, as natural as possible. The day was a beautiful mix between their South African native country and Danish hygge, Denmark being their country of residence, which they so much love.

Newlyweds kissing in bushveld landscape
Thys and Laneze kissing. Photo by Who's Annah

Thys, the groom, always wanted to get married under a tree, so Laneze found the perfect spot for their wedding ceremony, a majestic Marula also from which seeds were gathered to stand for confetti. An African inspired song was Laneze's entrance ("We found love" by Lindsey Stirling) and craft beer and dim lights made it all very hyggeligt. You can see for yourselves, because what I have is one absolutely lovely stop-motion that has the magic ability to immerse you in this nature-filled wedding weekend. This was made by the talented photographer: Who's Annah.

Here's the youtube video:

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