2018 Upcoming trends

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Cat themed wedding chairs
Birde's and Groom's wedding chairs. Photo by Ally M Photography.

From what I have seen so far, fortunately, we get to keep most of the trends reviewed in my last post, but this year "personalisation" is the word. So the couples took a step further and not only broke up with formal and customary, but they went full swing with couple portraying and representation.

And I think this bride puts it so clearly and I couldn't agree more with her:

“If there were anything I could share with a newly engaged couple, it would be to completely ignore what is popular right now and make every decision based solely off of whether or not it is representative of the two of you and your story as a couple.”

So if there's an element in your wedding that doesn't sing your tune, just chuck it, 2018 wedding trends are inviting us to do so.

And I think that this introspective side of the wedding planning is beyond exciting because it offers a full and enjoyable experience for both parties.

As a guest, you experience the little and wonderful world of the couple for an entire day (instead of the frills and stiffness that we all are so familiar with), just follow them through their rabbit hole. Wink.

Alice in Wonderland wedding decor
Alice in Wonderland wedding decor. Photo by Konstantin Semenikhin.

And also now, because the couples tend to be more inner focused than trying to please the outside, everyone from friends to families, they feel less pressured or overwhelmed with the planning of their beautiful day, so they get to enjoy it from the engagement day to the sparklers send off. Just the way it should be.

Boho bride first look
Boho bride. Photo by One Spoon Two Spoon.

Another thing to be expected for 2018 is smaller wedding bashes, more intimate and through and through heartfelt celebrations. The natural outcome of this change is a more significant budget to splurge on dazzling customised decor and fancy food, weekend-long getaways with your closest family and friends.

Intimate woodland wedding
Intimate woodland wedding. Photo by Sawyer Baird.

I am particularly fond of the wedding venue makeover of 2018. Out with barn ... and in with the industrial loft, quirky restaurants and charming pubs, deserts and forests, you name it. And usually, alternative venues can effortlessly feel more personal, less formal but full of character.

Industrial loft wedding
Industrial loft wedding. Photo by Freckle Photography.
Wedding ceremony in the desert
Wedding ceremony in the desert. Photo by KNDM CO..
Small chapel in the woods
Wedding Service in a small chapel in the woods. Photo by Erin Wilson Photography.

Besides the flower wall, or arches and other beautifully decorated photo backdrops, 2018 brings a new statement piece of decor, none but the balloon installation, just check out how Brides is bringing the ballon back. Quite unexpected and ... random. But they look pretty, don't they?

Flowers and ballons arch
Arch of flowers and baloons. Photo by Brett Hickman Photographers.

Hand painted cakes were a thing last year but now as with everything, is in full blossom and gorgeous as never before.

Painted wedding cake
Painted wedding cake. Cake by S'more Sweets. Photo by Ryan Johnson Photography.

2018's colour is ultra-violet, and I can't get on board with it just yet, but it's only March, so I have time to make my peace with it.

2018 will favour some specific pieces of decor, such a the bohemian macramé, for table or walls, the vintage vases, agate coasters for the names places and also wedding wreaths will come into play, for any season.

Boho wedding macramé
Boho wedding macramé. Photo by Gallivan Photo.
Vintage macramé wall
Vintage macramé wall. Photo by Alicia Magnuson Photography.
Wedding wreath
Wedding wreath. Photo via Pinterest.
Vintage vases wedding decor
Vintage vases wedding decor. Photo by Alisha Maria Photography.

I will summarise 2018 as the collection of the recent years' trends but edgier and more customised. I am stoked about it. I am looking forward to interacting with all these trends and even come up with some of my own if I am not too audacious!?

Wedding entrance signage
Wedding entrance signage. Photo by Green Antlers Photography.