Happy Midsummer

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Bride on her wedding day giving a kiss to a donkey
Bride and her donkey. Photo from Kira Stein Fotografie.

Happy Midsummer, peeps! I have enjoyed the long evenings and the warm light so much, and I am a bit sad that the days’ length has started shortening. Fortunately, I do get to still bask in the summer morning light with a coffee in my hand, and a cozy blanket on my shoulders and that has become my favorite moment of the day. The fresh air, the quietness and stillness of all, here and now interrupted by the sound of birds’ chirping. It sounds too idyllic maybe? But that’s how my days start thanks to this year’s glorious Scandinavian summer.

I was thinking that today is the perfect day for a summer wedding season recap, to look at just a few trends that I have seen emerging in the last months. I have an instagram post exactly about this so you can go there for the summary but below you will get the unfolded version.

Clean and modern looks

Simple and minimal decor is the first tendency I have noticed: working with a monochrome vision, or with Scandinavian interior design elements such as elegant neutrals, clean cuts, fine finishings, metal and geometric details. Also, I think it is becoming more popular beautiful combinations of concrete, industrial spaces with wood features. Scandi style is cool as its climate, so go for it.

The sweetheart table in an industrial space
Industrial space. Minimal Decor. Photo from The Menagerie - Lifestyle Photography. Rentals by The Anthology Vintage Hire.
A wedding table decorated with tableware, greenery and dark green napkins
Minimal and modern tablescape. Photo from Rachel Havel. Planning and design by Blue Bird Productions.


Textiles became an essential element for wedding decor thanks to the Moroccan infused style in interior design and event planning. I suggest you start piling up mixed tea towels, in vibrant colors and patterns, bed throws, pillows, blankets, leather ottomans, and any other Moroccan accessories to create spaces and facilitate closeness and guest grouping.

Low table decorated with a cake on top and blankets and pillows on the flower surrounding it
Moroccan-inspired lounge. Photo from Peyton Lind. Rentals by Merchant Collective.
Low table outside in a forest decorated with flowers and tableware and filled with food
Moody moroccan set-up. Photo from Nisha Raviji. Design, Planning & Florals by My Fancy Wedding.


Yellow and its enchanting hues are on the rise. More and more often it is used for florals, wedding accessories, wedding attires and even tableware, such as ochre plates, or marigold press glass goblets. These are, by the way, so popular now. Maybe because of the immediate boho vibe they bring. Maybe yellow will be next year’s official color?

Couple standing up in front of their sweets table decorated in hues of yellow
Yellow hues for the wedding decor. Photo from Priscila Valentina Photography. Design & Florals Shindig Chic Creations.
Bride and her Bridesmaid wearing a yellow dress
Gorgeous bridesmaid yellow dress. Photo from Katie Pritchard.
Wedding cake dressed in yellow flowers
Yellow details for the wedding cake. Photo from Sarah Mack Photo. Cake by Plumeria Cake.

Smoke bombs

These have been around for a few years, but they reached their peak this summer, it seems. I saw it at a friend wedding back in 2015, but I was reluctant in believing that they will become so hip… now here we are. I can’t say I am a fan, or that I would opt for it (I guess I am not as cool and alternative as I thought I am) but I admit: all the shots I have seen with smoke bombs are quite awesome!

Bridal couple shots in colorful smoke bomb
Smoke bomb couple shots. Photo from Alchemia Wedding.

Depth and height in floral arrangements

Playing with depth and height in the floral details such as the bouquets, tablescapes or any floral installations is quite a thing these days. Hanging installation, flower walls and backgrounds are high on the list of requests. Also, a whole bunch of unpopular blossoms are used in such creative ways this season. Maybe we will finally say goodbye to stuffy bouquets with imitation pearl pins and welcome to the wild, free, and natural bouquets.

Bride in a conservatorium holding an alternative bouquet
Modern textured wedding bouquet. Photo from Nicholas Leitzinger.
Bride holding a climbing bouquet on her shoulder and back
Alternative creative bouquet. Photo from Wild Scout Photo. Florals by Studio Rhea.
Couple getting married under a beautiful floral installation
Gorgeous flower installation. Photo from Erin Johnson.

Epic or dramatic scenery

The preference for epic and dramatic scenery is growing. There are a whole plethora of talented and creative photographers with no cookie cutter ideas. They are ready to travel with the most courageous and alternative brides ready to climb and to get their dresses a bit muddy for the moodiest and out of this world couple shots.

Bridal couple in front of their wedding arch and surrounded by mountains
Bride and groom shots in epic scenery. Photo from Blitzkneisser Foto.
Bride and groom holding each other nearby a waterfall
Dramatic location couple shots. Photo from Maddie Mae Photo.


Oh the love of pets is reaching a new level, and I am totally on this furry bandwagon! I am happy that finally, the wedding industry opened its gates and arms to welcome the pooch. Weddings are for your closest and dearest, and that should include your four-legged friend. And they totally change the dynamic of the festivities and your smile on the couples portraits. And all for the best.

Bride and groom holding their dog
Bride and groom and their pooch on their wedding day. Photo from Dakai Photography.
Bride in her robe getting ready for wedding while holding her dog
Bride and her cute puppy on her wedding day. Photo from Vannesa & Ivo Films.
Bride on her wedding day giving a kiss to a donkey
Bride and her donkey. Photo from Kira Stein Fotografie.

Word of the year is #authentic and the style of the year #boho. And wow am I happy with these two.

Anything else that draws your attention?