To Have and To Hold: Wedding Trends 2019

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Wedding lounge with macrame wall and Moroccan poufs
2019 Wedding Trends. Photo from Monique Serra Photography. Event Design by Hickenlooperphoto.

It seems that for a few years now weddings are not only a love and butterflies affair anymore but also a beautiful encounter with styling and design. And what once were the goals for cinema stars and artists are now on the to-do list of every bride. With every passing year, the wedding industry is getting more beautiful, artsy and innovative. I am so happy to be able to witness all these beautiful trends in the industry being unfolded. I will look at what to expect in regards to trends and styling this year and present them to you.


Something which I really love and don’t mind seeing more of is the incorporation of macramé or any needle and thread form of art in the wedding design. It can be used for aisle decoration, backdrops, hanging on what would be bland walls at the reception venue. And any fabric work mixed with florals bring about the best and most sought after bohemian vibes.

Bride and Groom chairs with macramé backers
Macramé Chair covers. Photo from Moss Hound Designs.

Wedding Lounges

Wedding Lounges are the next big thing. We have been seeing them starting last year more and more, but the experts say that this wedding season, lounge spaces are a must. And why wouldn’t they be? Cozy and cool ways of chilling out with your guests should have been a trend long ago. Morrocan decor is preferable for these areas, such as low seating, carpets, cushions and a myriad of lights.

Outdoor lounge with sofas, chairs, and carpets
Wedding Lounge Area. Photo from Pretty Vintage Rentals.

Bold Colors

Following the Morrocan feel that became a wedding style in itself, is the use of bold colors within any design element, flowers, table service, or linen. So no more the somewhat bland hues of white, blush and ivory but lively tones of maroon and rust.

Colorful wedding table setting
Tablescape Design. Photo from This Modern Romance.

Lots of Flowers

Speaking of flowers, a significant role in wedding styling will be the floral installations. The bigger, the better. Hanging on the walls, or above the dinner tables, in the form of arbors, or as decoration for the ceremony set-up. Floristry will have us in awe this upcoming season, and I can’t wait to see the artists creativity.

Colorful flower installation above a dinner table
Floral Installation. Photo from Jill Houser Phototgraphy. Floral Design by Plum Sage Flowers.

Bohemian Bridal Dresses

In regards to bridal attire, I love what I see: more boho dresses, with open backs and oodles of gorgeous lace, the word used in the bridal wear of this year is Modest and thank God because I wasn’t very thrilled with the ones of last years: Nude and Tattoo dresses. We also have the gorgeous bridal hat that brings a desert vibe, and I love that you can choose the type of embellishment, if you opt for one: fresh or dried flowers, feathers, you name it.

Bride in a boho dress holding a bouquet
Gorgeous Boho Bride. Photo from Studio Castillero Photography. Dress by Dreamers & Lovers.

Colorful Suits

Another trend I absolutely agree with is color for the groom’s suit. I have seen some flattering cinnamon or dark lilac fitted suits and ever since I have my heart fixed on colorful apparel for the groom. It might not be for everyone or for the classy and elegant type of wedding, but it is for my ever favorite bohemian style.

Groom in rust fitted suit
Colorful groom. Photo from Kathrin Krok Photography.
Bride and groom holding each other
Boho wedding couple in gorgeous hues. Photo from This Modern Romance.

Also as far as I have seen, “rust” will be the color most preferred in the wedding industry despite Pantone’s color of the year “living coral”. And guess which one I like most?

Mixed styles

Last year’s magic word was “personalization” throughout the entire wedding planning process. Couples were advised to be as themselves as possible and to come with all the personal decor elements or details to conjure up a fresh wedding day. A trend I was very much on board with. This year I feel that the all-encompassing word for the wedding decor/design is “eclectic”.

Groom kissing bride’s shoulder
Bride and Groom and Bold Bouquet. Photo from Flowers by Cana Collective.

I think that this year will be an outstanding one in regards to bridal aesthetic and I look forward to seeing it unfold and being shaped by awesome wedding suppliers around the world.

Have a wonderful wedding season ahead, everyone!