Where to put the sixpence?

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I decided that once in a while I should bring upfront the most common topics when it comes to weddings; such as the wedding outfits, the bridesmaids, the wedding venues, the cake, shoes, hair and makeup etc. To give you an overview of my style or just where I am, aesthetically speaking.

I will start with ... shoes because that's the most terrible part for me at a wedding. So what you might end up with, instead of a nice enjoyable post about a girl's second love: shoes (first being the hubby, of course) will be a full-blown rant!

But first, let's enjoy this beautiful pair of bridal shoes:

Wedding heels with glitter
Wedding shoes with glitter. From Pinterest by Pepitosa Blog.

Let's proceed. Why terrible, you say? Well ... Because they are ... aesthetically challenged. The affordable ones at least! All the soon-to-be brides are complaining about the options on the market. And I feel with them. There is no middle way it seems. You either go with the all known "I need to be wearing something, this is not a beach wedding, so going barefoot is not an option, and after soo, soo many hours on Amazon, I give up and get these 90's looking pair of shoes. They won't see them from under my dress anyway … right??" Sigh.
I did that. My wedding shoes were so ugly that I don't think I will post a picture with them here, even if that would help me prove a point.

White satin bridal shoes
White satin bridal shoes. From Debenhams.com.
Low heel wedding shoes
White low heel wedding shoes. From Pinterest.

So then my question is why did every bridal shop stock up on these? From high-end bridal houses to just any bridal boutique. Everywhere, online and out in the world you find your pool of generic, "beautiful era but long gone" kind of shoes. And all is good if you choose the Victorian epoch to inspire yourself from. Oh, and I love vintage, but these are not it:

Menbur white satin wedding shoes
Menbur white satin wedding shoes. Sold by Amazon.
Wedding shoes 'annette'
Wedding shoes "annette". Sold by Amazon.

Or you get of course the higher road and walk straight into a Jimmy Choo shop. You get a state of art shoe, edgy, and so beautiful that you want your dress to show them off a bit.

Jimmy Choo cinderella glass slipper
Jimmy Choo cinderella glass slipper. From Pinterest.
Jimmy Choo bridal stiletto heels
Jimmy Choo bridal stiletto heels. From Pinterest.

But what if you are not a Jimmy Choo kind of girl, part of their lavish clientele? Or simply not ready to spend your savings on one pair of shoes pretty as they may be? Also, some wedding themes would be slightly off aesthetically if matched with a Jimmy Choo, like a barn, countryside wedding, or a harvest theme.

So what to do?

Of course, there is a third option which I think is not as trendy as it used to be just a few wedding seasons ago, the wedding Converse. I quite liked the idea when it came out, although now that I have seen its peak, I am less fond of it. I still think they are cute and quirky.

Bridal converse sneakers
Bridal converse sneakers. From Pinterest by Pretty Pear Bride.

It was/is the perfect option if you want to be comfy, to be yourself, to go off the beaten path. Although I know a few unconventional brides that would not fit the sporty looking shoe for their wedding day. Again, what to do?

That being said, there's not much place to wiggle, in my opinion. Or I couldn't find it. But please share if you have found your search easier. Where? How much? By coming with suggestions, you will help out an entire community of brides that are ready to start off their wedding planning on the right foot.

However, I do love how things start to move in this direction where soon-to-be brides buy a pair of shoes that they like any colour, any embellishment and just make it work with your wedding dress.

Because for one, I think a red heel, or just any colour rather than ivory or champagne, bring in more character or a natural vibe.
Also, it is always advisable to get something that you will be able to wear again, not only to get your money's worth but to break off with the consumerist extravaganza as well, unlike me. My wedding shoes are thrown somewhere in my mother-in-law's attic, to my shame.

And lastly, it is too tiring and time-consuming to look for the perfect but affordable bridal shoes. But here are just a few tips, that I think will narrow down your search:

  • They don't have to be white despite the tradition according to which a bride should be in white head to toe. Colour goes well with any theme. Therefore, don't add unnecessary pressure. Choose one of the colours of your wedding colour palette, and you will be stress-free and chic.
  • Just because they are bridal shoes, it doesn't mean they have to be covered in lace. Lace is lovely, but too much of it can quickly become overkill and even cause it to lose its elegance and sophistication. Oh, and the same goes with embellishments or any kind of bling.
  • They don't have to be brand shoes. Don't feel compelled to give in to buy the label, they might not be your style or in your price range, and that is okay.
  • They don't have to be high heels either. If you don't usually wear high heels for formal events, don't try now! You would feel out of place and … awkward. Again, I have tried that. Bad experience.

So, my advice: just go with your girlfriends on your casual shoe shopping date, and whatever shoes you find pretty, a wee bit fancy and which you can afford on the spot, buy them then and there and give them the title "wedding shoes".

If you are still searching despair not, I have found some pairs through my frantic search, that got me head over heels. And I am ready to share them with you, though I will admit these are still worth a small percent of your savings.

Bridal almond flats
Bridal almond flats. From Pinterest by Anthropologie.
Pink bridal shoes
Pink bridal shoes. From Pinterest.
Mint wedding shoes
Mint wedding shoes. From Pinterest by Deer pearl flowers.
Pink bridal high heels
Pink bridal high heels. From Pinterest by Romance weddings.
Vintage wedding shoes
Vintage wedding shoes. From Pinterest by onefabday.com.
Beautiful satin wedding shoes
Beautiful satin wedding shoes. From Pinterest by Ruffleblog.

For a more complete collection of my findings, check out my pinterest board.

I hope you liked or at least noticed my shoe puns! Wink.