Couple's First Look: A Sight to Behold

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Bride and groom twirling
Bride and groom twirling. Photo from Ashtyn Brook Photography. Via Ruffled.

As everyone says, wedding days are a whirlwind of emotions. Every single moment of what would otherwise be an ordinary thing, is imbued with lots of feelings and a grappling sensation of making sure you are in the moment. That is usually caught on camera because it never comes back. Simple things like having breakfast or putting make-up on are becoming all of a sudden fastidious, emotional. Therefore all day long you are a bucket of nerves, of feels, emotion and excitement; at every corner, there will be a grandma or a guest crying, someone showering you in compliments, a down the memory lane toast, an overwhelmed dad. You should expect a full day of emotion, not too much privacy or time for processing information. It does go by fast.

A Bride and a Groom in a gorgeous autumnal setting
Bride and Groom holding each other. Photo from Magdalena Kernan Photography. Via Green Wedding Shoes.

This is the reason we got “the first look”. It is a new concept that goes back only a few years because traditionally, the bride and groom would see each other only at the altar, having not seen each other with a day before. I am a huge fan of the concept and I would advice all the couples to do that for the following reasons:

Bride and groom hugging in a forest
A lovely first look. Photo from Isaiah + Taylor Photography. Via Junebug Weddings.

1. That whirlwind has to stop for a bit so you can fully take the day in. A first look provides the couple with taking a break. This might be the only time when you are alone during the entire day. (Together with the photographer of course… Nothing goes undocumented)

Bride and groom looking into each others' eyes
Most cherished wedding moment. Photo from Dan Hough Photography. Via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.

2. It offers the couple the privacy in which to revel together in the magic of the day and let loose - cry together, or give a shout of joy, do a little dance, be themselves.

3. It makes for a memorable moment to see your future spouse in their wedding attire for the first time. Unforgettable. I tend to think that it is far more romantic to see it alone than at the same time with all the guests.

Bride and Groom kissing in front of an old building
First look. Photo from Virginia Photography. Via Rock My Wedding.

4. Did I mention that the shots taken during these first-look-moments are the ones everyone cherishes? They show unveiled, raw emotion, unique to every couple and they tickle everyone’s romantic bone.

5. A first look can also calm the nerves and jitters that the bride might have before walking the aisle with everyone looking at her and being acutely aware that she walks the shortest walk towards her happiness. (this can be daunting!)

Groom seeing his bride for the first time
Groom dazzled by his Bride. Photo from Karin Lundin Photography.

I didn’t get to enjoy all these perks that come with the first look for my wedding, and it’s a pity because I feel that at least it would have steadied my walk… But not to worry, I am on a quest for gathering reasons for why I should have a wedding again. (Yes, with the same goofball as the first time)

Would you consider a first look or would you instead go with tradition and see each other at the altar for the first time?

Until next time, when I will look at the wedding trends set for this year.