On social responsability

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I have always had this idea that if I will ever have a company I would do something about the waste and I would be caring for the environment and be a blessing to my local community. Luckily the opportunity to serve has been made available for me this year through Wedding Season.

We know two things with certainty: weddings are expensive and weddings are one of the most wasteful industries (that sounds bad, but you know what I mean!). The event is undoubtedly unique and of utmost importance, consequently lots of spending accompanies the big day. And that is because we just tend to not think about the money when it comes to our once-in-a-lifetime event.

Therefore, my goal in this regard is to find any way of repurposing all the surplus or leftover I will be having after a wedding celebration. I will strive to give back to my community and invest in giving. My idea is neither new nor original, I just choose to associate Wedding Season with this admirable practice.


Food is always more than enough at a wedding, I had leftovers for 3 days to share with my closest family and friends. Therefore after each wedding I will make sure that the food will be properly sealed and distributed to different organizations or communities fighting food waste in Denmark (or elsewhere for that matter).

An example of practical work being done in this area is Blue Cross. They have a beautiful project for helping the homeless around Copenhagen through Grace Café. For the winter months they gather all the poor and powerless and gives them shelter and a cooked dinner every night. This is only besides the good time they have once they are in, where a handful of volunteers play cards and chess with them or listen to their stories.

I am confident there are other wonderful organizations and similar shelters around and I would love to participate and help out their cause. If you know some more associations that work with this problem, please recommend them, just shoot me an e-mail.


Besides food, flowers are a huge waste at weddings. They are so pretty and they lighten up every place they are placed in, but still they have such a short lifespan despite their huge effect on people.

A bride's wedding bouquet in a bucket near a hand drawn wedding sign
Alexa's wedding bouquet, Romania, Autumn 2016.

Therefore what I will do in this case is following a great example that I have seen a while back, and I will deliver them personally to hospitals, homes for the elderly or shelters. I would love to just see how people's faces brighten up at the sight of blooming peonies or colorful dahlias. Flowers are usually the super expensive part of wedding decor and they are known for lifting up people's spirits so why not prolong their purpose?


Another good idea for those willing to repurpse wedding decorations or the necessary items, such as the tables' covers, napkins or vases is for them to rent them instead of purchasing everything. And in case you cannot find the desired decorations to rent, buying items that you are sure you can repurpose (as in using it in your home, giving it as a gift, or offering it to a Red Cross shop) could be the way to go; just like this beautiful couple did when they got hitched.

I am not saying that we should all be super thrifty and penny-pinching, just that we can be more aware of the environment and our community. However, this is how Ruffled started back in 2008 with an environmentally-conscious soon-to-be-bride and now we can all count on her success. Giving is receiving they say.

Therefore, if you have any ideas on how to stop waste in this specific industry, help me out, give us some suggestions, make some recommendations.

And as I said: not new. But I am very proud of everyone who tries and I am so blessed to be able to do it myself.