Summer wedding do's and don'ts

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Bride holding a summer wedding bouquet
Summer Wedding. Photo by Chloe Jackman Photography

In the wedding industry, summer is King! It has always been, and only a while before, most of the weddings were held in late Spring or Summer. In some parts of the world, the tradition is still kept, thus summer being the first choice for brides. Now it seems that the wedding industry is more open to inviting the other seasons to the party as well. And I couldn't be more thrilled. But about that later.

For today the plan is to focus on Summer and some tricks to avoid the expected hurdles if you are planning your big day on a beautiful breezy summer day. Summer's magic consists of fantastic light up until late evening, so great shots and longer photo-shoots are in the cards. It opens the door to the great outdoors,to wildflowers galore (even growing your own), to flowy, delicate wedding dresses, and outfits in general.

Entertainment wise, with summer you are off to a great start, garden games are always a hit, fire pits, and food stations a great way to mingle. These are just some of the ideas one can use to ensure the day loses some of the stiffness which is characteristic of the formal events. Well, I know I don't have to sell Summer to you, it has enough fans. But I should warn you that the magic can easily dissipate into an ugly sweat. Here's some advice to help you keep the magic.

  1. As much as you want a puffy dress, or how much you love sleeves, capes or layers, if you get married in the Summer, don't fall for your emotions. Be wise, and get as I mentioned before, a flowy, light dress that will be comfortable for the minimum eight hours you will have it on. This little practicality is a sure way to look gorgeous all throughout the photo-shoot, ceremony, and party. That you don't sweat and get irritated and exhausted or continuously run to fix your makeup.

Beautiful young bride wearing puffy wedding dress
Sunshine. Photo by Olivia Bottega
Beautiful summer wedding dress by Milla Zwilinger
Milla Zwilinger dress. Photo by Rylee Hitchner via Style Me Pretty
Sleevless Wedding dress with lace and embroidery
Alexandra Dress by Lihi Hod

  1. Try to not wear heavy makeup and to avoid strong colors, because as becoming as they are for an Autumn wedding day or Winter, for Summer, they will be challenging to maintain on a sweltering summer day, and might even clash with the pale, nude, earthy tones of the season. I would advise pulling a Megan Markel.
    Bride laughing wearing nude and natural makeup
    Natural nude makeup. Photo by Camille Marciano for Junophoto via Bridal Musings
    Meghan Markle on her Wedding Day portrait
    Meghan Markle's Wedding Day natural makeup. Getty Images
  2. A great idea would be to carry or have someone carry for you (😆) a little bag with the essentials: a small bottle of perfume, a deodorant, basic makeup, water, mints and a snack because the sun can make you dehydrated and it can make you energy fluctuate. It's only a small step from a graceful bride to a Bridezilla, and you don't wanna walk it.
    Small bottle of perfume and a headpiece
    Small Bottle of Perfume. Photo by Thayer Allison Gowdy
    Wedding Day Kit for Bride and Bridemaids
    Minimergency day kit for bride and bridemmaids, by BHLDN
  3. Do not forget to add fancy, sparkly, long resistant sunblock on before you get dressed. Especially if you have an outdoor wedding, but even if you just plan to have those gorgeous portraits shots outside, I would be sure to not get an unwanted tan. And usually, fair skin doesn't need long sun exposure to redden.
    Couple wedding portraits during the Golden Hour
    Golden Hour Magic. Photo by Jamie Tervort
  4. And do you know those funny pictures with "Be smitten, not Bitten"? As cute as they are, they are in fact quite practical and essential. Make sure you have bug spray bottles, sun lotion, hats or fans available and in plain sight.

Wedding Sign 'Station relief' and a cupboard with Spray Bug
Relief Sation Cupboard. Photo by Ann-Kathrin Koch Photography

  1. Make sure you have flats with you! Those stunning shots you planned during the magical light of dusk will probably need some walking, climbing even, to get to a beautiful backdrop, to a beautiful poppy field, a moody wood, anything you might have in mind, will take some walking- get flats!
    Bride holding white flat shoes
    Wedding Day Flats. Photo by Meredith Perdue

Until next time, I wish you great fun planning! Oh and feel free to contribute with advice for the future brides planning a Summer Wedding. Add to this list or share your own experience with Summer hurdles.