Wedding Season

Wedding Season is a small company founded in late 2017 as a result of my restless passion for weddings and the institution of marriage. My purpose through this establishment is to hopefully inspire future brides and grooms through thoughtful content, but also to help with planning advice and tips.

Feel free to browse and explore if you want to learn more about who we are and how can we help you.

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I think it is important to know the person behind the company, or to just get a first peek before taking any big decisions. I will start, but do say hello on instagram or facebook if you prefer, or just take in some inspiration from our pinterest boards.

Alexandra Timoficiuc, Romania, Autumn 2015.

I am Alex, I am 28 years old, I am originally from Romania, I am married to the goofiest and most loving husband in the world. I have the cutest cat (Yes, I am objective, I watch thousands of cats everyday on my feed!) and I live in a small town out in the countryside, a thing I have eagerly desired since I was young.

black cat on a book shelf
Dănilă the cat, 2017. #dănilă.

My favorite season always changes with the season. In spring it is spring and in winter is, of course, winter. I can't make up my mind for more than 3 months.

I have been married since 2015 and I had two wedding celebrations - lucky me. You can read all about it in this blog post about my own wedding.

Let's see what else besides my mad love for weddings is worth mentioning.
I love to write letters or send cards. I prefer pen (fountain pen) and paper any day over a keyboard.
I like to say that I am foodie, but really, I am not. I am scared of any funny looking food. And I am not enjoying seafood, no real foodie would ever make that statement.

a few handmade christmas cards on a table near a lit candle
Handmade christmas cards, 2017. Originally posted on my instagram feed.

I have spent most of my cosy evenings in my youth watching TV, so now I am a sack of useless information, such as George Clooney's real age, all Leonardo Dicaprio's roles, what happened to Macaulay Culkin, and yes, how to spell his name. My first dream as a child wasn't to be a teacher, or an astronaut, it was to present the Oscar awards, or at least to be present among the stars.

My favorite series is Gilmore Girls, I watched it from episode one at least twice, and one of the things it left me with, among many others, is this quirk of always carrying a book in my bag, just like Rory Gilmore does, in case of queues or delays.

Another thing is that I have always been a pet freak, I would love to have a raccoon, also a donkey, a duck, a border collie and possibly a little piggy. I hugged a Koala bear once and after my time was up, I didn’t want to let it go, and the crazy idea of stealing the bear popped up. But I think the zoo keeper was used to these sorts of ownership bursts because she was especially good at getting the bear off my clenched arms. My dream in this regard is to hold a baby lion.

young woman holding a koala bear at a zoo
Alexandra holding a koala bear, Australia, Summer 2014.

The best highs besides my wedding day, were the 2 concerts I went to, Ben Howard's and Mumford & Sons'. Next is Adele, I do have a thing for british, indie music.

I am a christian and consequently I attend church regularly. I am also part of the Christmas choir, but as muchs as I love music I honestly still can't figure out when is it my turn to sing or not, the music sheets don't really say much to me.

I am not good with cooking, baking, riding the bike, finding my way, or technology. But I am really good with people. I have always been. I listen. I advise. I encourage. I am very organized, I have a timeline for everyday. And I looove to mark my tasks as "done".
I keep a journal since I was 12. Everytime I re-read them I am fascinated to see how my grammar (romanian grammar that is) improved over time.

I cherish time spent outside. I am in awe with nature though I am not very resilient to Danish weather. In any case, I am grateful for it because it made me appreciate more chocolate, books, flowers, wine and candlelit evenings, therefore I consider that I successfully incorporated hygge in my everyday life.

My favorite author is C.S Lewis. I have a pencil collection. I get a new one from the new places I get to visit.

coffee and cake at Mejsner's cafe in Næstved
Coffee date at Mejsner's cafe, Næstved, 2016. Originally posted on my instagram feed.

This is me in a few words with quirks and all, I am friendly and bubbly and I would love to meet all the brides and grooms who are taking the brave step of getting married but need some help of figuring out the logistics of everything.

Drop me a line or call me for a coffee date.