7 Reasons for why I Love style-shoots

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Bible verse written on a canvas hanging on a wall
Wedding trends. Verse feature wall. Photo from Melissa Marshall. Via Junebug Weddings.

I decided to share with you this love of mine for style-shoots. This post is closely related to my recent rebranding endeavors and my current, mad daily schedule. As you know, I decided to take a step back and look at the wedding industry from a different perspective. Starting this month, therefore, I will work on being a source of inspiration and building a community. On sharing with you all the lovely companies (wedding vendors and suppliers) that I discover, the ones that tickle my own brain, and that are working hard to serve the brides and grooms from all the tastes and styles specter, and to publicly applaud their great results.

Wedding stationery detail shot
Autumn Wedding Stationery. Photo from Lauren Rae. Stationery suite by Tiger Lily Invitations. Via The Perfect Palette.

Also, I am very excited to announce that at the end of this month I am planning my very first style-shoot and I hope it will inspire some of you and that it will be a sweet, hyggelig feast for your eyes. But until then, here are some of the reasons I love style-shoots, and I absolutely recommend them to all the wedding creatives:

1. Style-shoots are a great way of showing off

I see them as opportunities to create something truly unique, to let your mind roam free, having only the sky as the limit. An opportunity that you don’t have while working for a client since they are usually quite set on what they want and they have their own budget to consider. So regardless of what you envision for their day, the ultimate decision is theirs.

2. To challenge the market or the industry.

Your peers will appreciate your creativity, and they will be ignited to follow your example, to come up with a new piece of decor, an out of the box wedding band, or floral installation. Who knows, maybe your creative team will come up with the next big wedding trend… Nonetheless, your spark will break the dullness, and it will raise the level of innovation, from which we all will benefit, including the bride and grooms.

Embroidered wedding dress
Wedding dress 2018. Photo from Ley Lady Ley. Wedding gown by Paul Vasileff.

3. Style-shoots provides us with networking…

…which we absolutely need for our businesses to succeed. Building a community of like-minded creatives and working together should be our goal. Every wedding vendor has a certain vibe, a voice, a style. The idea is to find those that sing a similar tune to yours, and wonderful collaborations will flow, and the industry will flourish through this small clusters of united creatives mind.

4. It makes you a better professional in our industry

Training your creativity with every occasion you have will better equip you to serve any type of client, prepared for every request. It extends your portfolio. It boosts your confidence, and it makes you bold.

Seating chart decorated with greenery and in blush fabric
Wedding Seating Chart. Photo from Blush Photography. Floral Design by Raspberry Flowers. Via Style Me Pretty.

5. Style-shoots are a way of trying something new

Nobody is paying you to experience, as far as I know. Maybe for the last five years, you had to bake baby shower cakes to keep your business going and growing, but you would like to try your hand at baking a fancy, tiered cake, modern and edgy and you want to get credit for it. Just put your Yes Hat and join a team that works on an inspirational shoot and your portfolio will burst with diversity and innovation.

6. It’s fun, exciting and refreshing

I feel that the pressure is lower when you are working with a team you know, and you were keen on working with, on the concept you helped create. Rather than when you work with someone else’s vision, time and money. The need to perform is higher, and therefore maybe the excitement is lower?

Wedding Tablescape design
Outdoor Wedding Tablescape Design. Photo from Michelle Chiu. Floral Design by Martha Claire Floral. Via Ruffled Blog.

7. SEO

This is what brings the clients at the door. And for good ranking, you need original content. How do you get that? Organizing or joining style shoots in the off wedding season is the method the big names in the industry use to keep their business relevant and updated. Just check the market this month (which is known to be an off wedding season month) and read the editorials- most of them are inspiration shoots on various themes, and I can’t help but be inspired and fired up by what my colleagues came up with.

Wedding Tablescape design
Autumn Wedding Arch. Photo from Kitty Wheeler Shaw. Floral Design by Willow Gold. Via Rock My Wedding.

I am happy for the rejuvenation that comes with the offseason, and I am looking forward to being part of it with my little style-shoot. I hope it will create a ripple.

I can’t wait to present you my lovely team and our work once we are done. So stay tuned!