Copenhagen Wedding Fair 2018. An Opinion

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I have been, seen and made an opinion. I will put down in writing my thoughts on this year's wedding fair in Copenhagen, the overall atmosphere and bring in upfront the vendors I liked most.

My thanks

The wedding fair, rightfully named the largest in Denmark, took place on 13-14th of January at Forum, a rather large and industrial space. Even so, it felt quite crowded. The whole event is organized yearly by, the unofficial authority in the Danish wedding industry.

A panorama shot of the venue of the Copenhagen wedding fair, 2018
Copenhagen wedding fair, Forum, 2018.

There were exactly 387 booths and despite the fact that I have spent 5 hours there, it definitely was not enough to visit every wedding vendor and ask my questions. And by the end of the 5 hours, I was exhausted, starving (despite my heavy sampling) and needed a nap. Is this the reason why they plan it for two days?

I have to say it from the outset that I do appreciate the effort the planners and vendors put into this event. It is a good thing for the quality of weddings in Denmark to have a consistently organized event each year in many cities around the country. Not only does this raise awareness of the possibilites you have to plan your big day but also generates a culture of fair and constructive competition which should supposadly lead to higher service quality.

A wedding photo exhibit by Mette Lyck
A wedding photo exhibit by Mette Lyck. Copenhagen, 2018.

My considerations

But if you may allow me a few considerations as a simple visitor:

I would remind the planners of the event about the great job the website does when it separates the big list of vendors by their respective service areas when they are presented (eg. Wedding dresses, Cakes, décor etc.). I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the planners are very experienced, having pulled off such a large event and anything I might add would fall into the category of easier said than done. But frankly, it was tiring and difficult to find anything at the fair. All the booths providing different services were mixed up and spread out all over the place in the venue, which I believe is an easy thing to fix when planning but which yields a great benefit in experiencing the fair. As an example, if I decided to see all vendors that serviced wedding décor my only help was my husband to carry my bag for all the walking to and fro rather than a well placed, separate section for décor.

For the vendors, though definitely not all, I would recommend a healty boost of confidence: there are so many valuable services offered by many of them that were not highlighted at all in their booths. Certainly it can be difficult to be creative if one is trying to show off a legal advice boutique at a wedding fair, and maybe not even desirable. But except them, no other vendor should have an excuse for not doing more than handing out flyers. Part of having a boutique must mean putting a lot of creative effort into presenting the good work that they do. I guess I will have to stand under the same standard if I will be renting a small booth at the fair next year.

I have come to believe that a nonconventional bride, who would opt for a offbeat, authentic, boho wedding, would struggle a lot to find likewise minds here, in the tiny and expensive country of Denmark. The throughout atmosphere was too conventional and poufy to allow the boho bride to explore or choose. Except for some booths, the mood board I would draw would consist of the following themes: traditional, formal, button-down, princess-like style.

I would have liked to see more wedding décor, edgier than the standard hotel arrangements anyhow. Conventional is good, it has its own charm. But what about the couples that would like to invest in adding contour and edge to their wedding styles? Where are the quirky venues and unconventional décor, the unmatched chairs, the urban space?

My endorsements

However, a handful of suppliers are doing a great job upping the industry or at least shaking and diversifying it a bit, bringing the hipster to the table. And I hereby endorse their efforts. In this regard I have found some amazing booths. Booths that just recently came on the market but also some that I have been following for a while. I will mention below just some of them, but my list should be far longer.

In the area of wedding décor, I have found practically my match professionally. Sara Laurell from Whispering Vintage is not only such a sweet woman and super passionate about her work but she is also a creative mind, just look at her handmade vintage tidbits and décor set-up. She clearly stood out at the wedding fair this year. She is new on the market and probably much sought after by all the indie brides around Copenhagen. So hurry up and give her a call.

A wedding handmade sign by Whispering Vintage
A wedding handmade sign by Whispering Vintage. Copenhagen, 2018.
A wedding table decoration by Whispering Vintage
A wedding table decoration by Whispering Vintage. Copenhagen, 2018.

A few booths further on I have met Trine from A table story with whom I had a most fun conversation: she answered my questions effectively and even gave me some tips and tricks for affordable table décor. Of course the tables looked stunning and everything was top notch and up to date - colorful glassware, bold flowers (plenty of it), and super cute, atypical flatware.

A wedding table decoration by A table story
A wedding table decoration by A table story. Copenhagen, 2018.

I was also happy to see Luksustelte with the Horsebox Bar this year also at the wedding fair. They are the only ones that are bringing the magic and romantic vibe of a tipi to weddings in Denmark. The tipi they offer is in my opinion an interesting choice of a wedding venue and it only builds towards an authentic atmosphere that a whimsy couple would love to share with their guests. And I admit, I would love to be invited to one of these celebrations… Anyone??

Outdoor bar for events by Horsebox
Outdoor bar for events by Horsebox.
Event decor in a large tipi
Event decoration in a large tipi by Luksustelte.

In the last few years, wedding stationeries became a very important part of planning a wedding. I don't think the reason they are still around are practical or administrative (where and when and so on) but, as with other wedding artefacts, they area statement. With the save the dates or the actual invitations you are already communicating the theme of your wedding; what is important for you as couple. Of course couples invest time and effort in choosing the ones closest to their personal selves.

I have found Ink Saloon to be very competent in this area. They have beautiful calligraphy and their services are easy to use online, if you prefer to design things yourself. They actually took the time to give me a tour of how everything works while we were at the fair. But if you want to go even further you can find stationery design artists that are doing your stationery from scratch.

Beautiful wedding stationery by Ink Saloon
Beautiful wedding stationery by Ink Saloon.

Cake-wise, my favorite was The American Pie Company mostly because... well, I love pies but also because they are bringing this awesome trend from The United States to Denmark, which is quite exciting - plain white layered cake no more! Erin is passionate and customer orientated, she has everything for everyone. From the brief talk we had I can certainly trust her as caring for customers. And after all: who doesn't love a beautiful autumnal pie station?

A wedding table pie décor by The American Pie Company
A wedding table pie décor by The American Pie Company.
A wedding table pie décor by The American Pie Company at Copenhagen wedding fair, 2018.
A wedding table pie décor by The American Pie Company, Copenhagen, 2018.

Whoopie also made an impression on me. Their cakes are really exciting to look at, cute and unconventional in the same time. I think that even those from Rock N Roll Bride would appreciate the non cookie-cutter style. I didn't expect them to taste as spectacular as they looked, but oh they did!! I wanted more but I was a bit shy to go and ask. Plus that's not a thing you do at a fair, right? You get your little piece and savor it.

A fruit wedding cake by Whoopie
A fruit wedding cake by Whoopie. Photo by Whoopie.

On the selfie booth topic the guys at the Smilecube were super engaging. Besides their dashing attire for the fair they were also very friendly. I think their photo booth is simply cool, the perfect selfie machine and entertainment tool for a "different" wedding celebration. I love that you get to, within seconds, share your photo on social media but also you get a nice, high quality, printed version.

A photo of a couple with cute props from the selfie booth from Smilecube
A sample photo from the selfie booth by Smilecube. Copenhagen, 2018.

And lastly, on the list of my favorite booths at the wedding fair, was the small booth prepared by Bewooden. I absolutely loved their quirky products, especially the animal pins and brooches and their overall trendy style. Aren't these just the cutest?

Wooden brooches by Bewooden
Wooden brooches, by Bewooden.

With all that being said, I am really happy to have met everyone in person and get a glimpse of their work. I am excited to see how the wedding industry will be unfolding in 2018, and eager to work with such talented suppliers. I am thankful to for their effort in creating a space for networking and interaction in this business. I appreciated having been given the place for tasting delicious cakes and cocktails, trying on dresses or rings, taking professional selfies, and just get inspired.

I did, and I am looking forward to the next one, where hopefully I will be present as a supplier not a visitor.

To you all, a great and successful year ahead!