Seasons and Reasons

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I had this beautiful but daring idea of starting on my on for a while now but never quite found the nerve to do it.

I did muster all my courage on a very random and plain day of autumn, when I felt I can no longer postpone the beginning of what I hope to be a beautiful story.

I had a long list of great possible names for the future company which I have reaserched for weeks. Do I commit some copy infringement? Are there companies named like that already? Do we have a similar vision for weddings? Is it too long to remember? I went on like that for a while until I came to a brilliant idea on how to make my choice simple: I only had to ask myself what would be my favorite kind of wedding to plan, assist or to attend.

Well, easy, I said to myself: a fall wedding! I have been pinning beautiful autumn wedding boards ever since I have got into Pinterest. Pumpkin, apple and leaf decorations, delicious pies or cider stations, harvest themed weddings, blankets to snuggle up and other cozy details have me head over hills with autumn weddings.

But then I remembered how many amazing winter wonderland weddings I have seen. The wedding gowns are simply gorgeous for this season, long sleeves and knitted capes or furry shawls, red and green bow ties. Oh, I do love the winter outfits the best.

They add a fairytale note naturally. Oh, and the many things you can do in matters of decorations: the beautiful Christmas tree under which you can gather all your wedding gifts, the cones sitting plan, the mistletoe, the frosty glasses, and not to forget: the music. This is the only season that has its own tune, how special is that?

After not too large of an imagination excercise spring blossoms came to mind. Greenery decor is regarded as the unmatched sight for any wedding. The must-have floral accessories, the pale tones, the outdoor ceremony, the canapés and cocktail bars? Again, enchanting, but how to choose?

But the most popular season has always been, summer, and rightfully so: how swoony are the summer weddings with the long nights, romantic lighting, flowy dresses, festival vibe?

And here I was in a conundrum. What's THE season?

And here's my answer: wedding season is all year round! There are endless possibilities of making your day extra-ordinary regardless of the time of year, moreover, enhanced by it.

So my advice is this: embrace your favorite season and don't wait for the availability of the venue, or summer holidays, or "we couldn't find another date". And most importantly, don't take summer because everyone else does. Just choose the season that feels most personal to you and the rest will come along, the budget, the atmosphere, the decorations and I.

So this is how I came up with Wedding Season. As reminder that every season is simply, naturally magical! Each with its personality, richness and variety. I am here to tell you that you can borrow this unmatched charm for your wedding day, that you should delight in it and celebrate authenticity.

Wedding Season's logo on a burgundy-red background
Wedding Season's logo on a burgundy-red background.

Wedding Season is on, and my services are available all year round, don't hesitate to contact me for a nice chat and a cup of coffee, it's on me.