Wedding Planning Advice for the Newly Engaged

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Wedding ring in a pink velvet box
Wedding Ring. Photo from Danielle Giroux.

It’s always a good idea to read a few blog posts with advice from professionals in the wedding industry before you start wedding planning. We usually have lots of insight and experience, and also we’ve probably been through your worst nightmares in regards to wedding planning so we can guide you on how to avoid living it yourself.

Say no to the dress

I will start with one of the most popular rookie mistakes. If you are getting married in 2020, do not buy your wedding dress now or soon. I am spending a lot of time on forums with future brides, and I had seen so many cases when they did just that, and then they had to either adjust the dress or try and sell it because of various reasons: they got pregnant, they lost or gained weight, or simply the dress quickly became out of trend.

Bride holding a big colorful bouquet during golden hour
Gorgeous bride portrait during golden hour. Photo from Alyssa Ence Photography.

A year is enough

A year is enough to plan a beautiful wedding, why extend it to 2 or more years? Again, your tastes might change. And also the delayed process will surely cut some of the excitement. It will feel dragged and just looking at the app saying “374 days until you get married” while most of the things are set it will squeeze the life out of you. Keeping busy with planning though will make the time fly and your adrenaline level high, as it should be.

Copper Mr. and Mrs. signs at the sweetheart table
Mr. and Mrs.. Photo from The Ganeys.

Enjoy the engagement

Don’t start planning as soon as you got engaged. Just soak it in for a bit. Get used to your new status as a fiance and enjoy this for a while. Brag, show off your ring, take all the selfies you need to. I was a fiance only for three months, and though I cherish that period the most, I feel it was a bit too short to bask in it properly. Don’t go from fiance to bride before you could say “cheese”.

Couple engagement shot
She said 'I do'. Photo from Jill Carne Photo.

Style first, buy later

Don’t buy, hire or rent anything until you have done proper research and you came up with a style and a color palette. For the first few months, you will be slightly overwhelmed, and you will go back and forth with your vision and design, therefore wait until you got a cohesive draft before purchasing decor items or hiring your suppliers.

Just a side note here: if you decide to work with a wedding planner, this time is actually the best to do so. Together with her you will clear the confusion, brainstorm and build your vision.

Elegant venue decorated with a flower arch
Gorgeously decorated wedding venue. Photo from Katie Grant Photography.

Aim for a “no regrets” policy

Don’t settle for anything you might regret later. These regrets, however, vary from bride to bride so look deep inside and try to discover what will it be for you. I know a bride who decided to rent her dress because she felt like investing in catering a little more over the budget will make her feel better on the day. Most of the brides wouldn’t do this, because they feel like the dress is the key element for a wedding, but she is still happy with her decision years after. I for one regret that I didn’t invest in the marquee I wanted and went for a cheaper and safer (weather wise) venue. It was lovely, but given the opportunity to do it again, I would most definitively go against the Danish weather and get a marquee in September aaand work a little more on my budget to make possible. Don’t be afraid to invest, that’s my main point here.

Engagement ring and wedding band set on the fiance's hand
Wedding Sparkles. Photo from Hitched. Wedding set by Marrow Fine.

The photographer is essential

I might have said this before, but it is worth repeating myself: invest in a great photographer. Not only money but invest energy and time as well. Find a wedding photographer which style matches your wedding day vision and mood. Look at his/her portfolio and make sure you meet them before. They will be with you the entire day, so you have to feel comfortable around each other and have a few interests in common so the conversation is flowing and the connection is strong.

Wedding couple portraits on a deserted beach in the evening
Wedding portrait. Photo from Naba Zabih Photography.


Delegate, delegate, delegate! What I mean is that if you don’t work with a wedding coordinator, there’s a lot of work to manage and you don’t have to do it alone. As fun as it is for some brides, in the end, it becomes too much. So make sure you hand some things over to your friends and family, they most certainly will love to help, at least some of them. But make sure you ask for help in good time and in their area of expertise. If you know that your future mother in law is good with cakes, just ask her to bake your future husband’s childhood favorite. Homemade and personal are the most loved words in the industry. Is your father a carpenter? Maybe he can build your chuppah?

The food is to be tasted

I am going quite basic here but I most definitively needed this little nugget for my wedding. Taste the food. Even if it is from your favorite restaurant or catering company, design the menu and sit down and eat it. What should be adjusted, added or erased from the menu? Even though you hire an excellent chef, you know your crowd best. Keep in mind: average meals set the mood.

Charcuterie and cheese buffet for the wedding
Wedding Day buffet. Photo from Studio Sorores.

Dance like somebody is watching you

Take dancing classes. You might be a great dancer in private and able to bust some moves, or you dread the floor, and you look like a willow in the wind. Either way, it is good to practice as a couple, to become comfortable and come to enjoy it before the big day. Most often couples are built by one dancer and a non-dancer, make sure to get over the awkwardness of the situation so that you both rollick in the late hours of your wedding day.

Wedding couple dancing during the confetti bomb
Wedding couple on the dancing floor. Photo from Rob August.

Don’t reason with the season

Go with the season and as locally as you possibly can. For one, the costs are reduced, and second, you help your community to grow and develop. My advice is don’t insist on marigolds in winter when you have a vast choice of winter blooms. In the same manner, try and play with berry tones for an autumn wedding in regards to decor or cake. It will feel cliche for some, but I still think nature is our best ally in bringing about gorgeous wedding celebrations. And you can find ways to be alternative but not indulge in discrepancies.

Wedding cake decorated with berries and white roses
Berries Wedding Cake. Photo from Chris Randle Photography.

I hope this will be useful for those of you in the midst of wedding planning or about to begin. If you need help, shoot me a message, I will gladly get involved.